domenica 14 febbraio 2010

Sub Surface Scattering | mental ray - part 2

Some time ago I wrote some notes about Sub Surface Scattering in mentalRay. Here I post some screens of the material I used in my turntable test, using Knoss's Arak model.

As you can see the shader is quite complex, so start exploring this simple one and take time to understand how parameters works.

Here is a schematic description of the maps I used The next one i a new scheme that can give better results. At the moment I'm still working on this structure. I have to prepare new textures for the Subdermal and Epidermal channels, but I will do them for a new model I'm working on. Enjoy

Here is the material I used. You'll have to substitute the two required textures with your own, btw, theese are only for displacement and bump. Feel free to use it and share.

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