domenica 7 marzo 2010

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Yesterday we shooted some high quality photos to the publishing works I did in the past. It was a really nice experience, and I have to say that Sara is a great photographer and Pamela helped us a lot with scene composition, light setup and her hands. At PlaySys we'll do some post production and I'll upload them when ready. I put here a little piece of an image as preview (I aplogize for the watermark but I discovered some "smart" people in this last period!).


Plus two images captured with an old Nokia 6111 phone, showing Sara and Pamela in action.

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Le Petit Prince ha detto...

Wow alla faccia della strumentazione!! :) La prossima volta invitami:)
E comunque posso essere fiero di dire che sono parte di quel piccolo mucchietto di fogli che ogni mese partoriamo con immensa fatica^^