mercoledì 12 maggio 2010

3dsMax 2011 and PlaySys DMRB 3.0

Finally 3dsMax 2011 is out and We have our own copy to put hands on :)
The most exciting improvement is QuickSilver Hardware Renderer, I had great expectations about it and yes, it works enought. I’m satisfacted of it at 70%. In my opinion for my work that will not be so much important: when creating a scene I don’t need to continuously render it to see the results. I know a lot the various parameters and with 3 or 4 quick renders at the end of the production I can manage some fine tuning.
But there is a thing not clear for me: Why is not possible to use QuickSilver with ActiveShade?!
ActiveShade was something inserted in 3ds max but never used and announced (or developed) with the proper importance.
ActiveShade is a sort of semi-realtime renderer that could be inserted inside a viewport and use like Vray-RT, fPrime, Modo preview and so on.

Now in 2011 they have QuickSilver, a semi-realtime (hibrid) renderer and ActiveShade, but the weird thing is that is not possible to use QuickSilver as ActiveShade.

DMRB in action! (the video is quite boring, we'll create a new one soon)

This means we’ll put hands again in one of our most famous plugins for 3ds Max: DMRB.
It was born as an experiment, and now is a professional tool, absolutely integrated in 3ds max, efficient, stable , bla bla…

We will manage to release a pubblic version of DMRB 3.0 soon, so everyone will be able to merge it’s flexibility to QuickSilver :)

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