mercoledì 20 ottobre 2010

PLAYSYS | kitty Scratch for iPhone

A new application for iPhone and iPod Touch is available for online purchase on AppStore, for only $ 0.99. Developed by PlaySys, its name is Kitty Scratch and it proposes a nice kitten scratching anything.kittyscratch_fb_photo

Kitty Scratch is on the market after a few-weeks period of development and it offers the public funny minutes of amusing entertainment.
The purpose of the game is to scratch and destroy all the house, before being caught by an angry landlady.

The user must use the touch screen to simulate the kitten’s scratches, as fast as he can. Six different rooms are available for the player, and he can choose the fruition order.

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If you are a blogger or a journalist and want to review the game or interview us, please write to info[at]playsys[dot]it or call +39 02 89058514 and we’ll provide you all the necessary material.
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