martedì 5 luglio 2011

iPhone iPad iOS Magazine Reader

Finally we finished it!! our magazine reader is now available for your magazine and publication.
icona reader
We worked a lot to provide you the state of the art magazine reader for iPhone and iPad devices, natively coded in XCode for performance issues.
Now you can distribute your publications in the App Store without having to give high royalities to big publishers! It’s amazing and now is true!


We are using it for our magazine “My Muse”, see more below or at the following link.
Contact us right now for more information about it and start marking money from your publications today!

2 commenti:

ipad magazines ha detto...

iPad has impacted so deeply in our lives that soon every one will be using iPads to read books, magazines and newspapers instead of textual books and printed magazines and newspaper.

D3v ha detto...

Yeah that's true! It's faster, sometime cheaper, smart and much more ecological. We are improving our magazine reader for theese reasons.