sabato 10 settembre 2011

New album - Musique pour Iannis Xenakis

After some months of hard work and after one year from my previous release, my new album “Musique pour Iannis Xenakis” is out!!!

Luca Deriu - Musique pour Iannis Xenakis
You can find it on the biggest stores:


I composed the entire album keeping in mind the research done by a great genius, I’d like to dedicate my album to: Iannis Xenakis. I suggest you to read something on his wikipedia page and his association. Personally I feel a deep connection between my interests and his research.

In my album I hope you can find a natural evolution of his opera, of course mixed with my music taste. This is my first release without lead synths, hardcore kick drums, progressive basses and so on…the album was composed and recorded using classical instruments. The work required me many weeks: after the composition and the performance recording, there was a deep mixing, balancing, equalization and mastering on the entire work.

I suggest you to give a look (or an ear at least) al my previous work, always available on iTunes, Amazon and other stores: Nothing Inside.

Luca_Deriu_Nothing_Inside _CoverArt_2
Enjoy (and don’t torrent it please Occhiolino it required many night of work)!

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