sabato 2 novembre 2013

Kitty Scratch 2 on AppStore!

Today I have a great announce: Our videogame “Kitty Scratch 2” is avaible to play on AppStore!

Kitty Scratch 2

This project represent a new, exciting step forward for PlaySys. After the experience of Kitty Scratch 1, released in 2010, and that was mostly an experiment for us, we had a long break. As “break” I mean a huge series of lectures, conferences, 3d renders, 3d animations and interactive media.

Kitty Scratch 2

During the 2013 we also did another videogame, Steel Hero, for a prestigious customer: Museo Nazionale Della Scienza e Tecnologia “Leonardo Da Vinci”. That game was developed by PlaySys and Broken Arms Games that supported us with the programming code. After the experience I got so interested in discover more about programming that I attended a full immersion during easther period. I studied, researched, experimented, red and watched tons of tutorials and at the end I took a decision: develop a videogame without outsourcing.
With PlaySys we prepared a full game design document and the 2nd of September we started the official development. Today, after 2 months the game is on the “shelves” of AppStore and I’m working on the porting for Android and, if everything goes right, tomorrow the game’s .apk will be delivered to Google Play.

Kitty Scratch 2

I want to credit here the cool team that supported me in the development of this game:

Pamela De Lorenzi – Producer
Filippo Zanoli – Game Designer
Elisa Cristantielli – Art Director
Elena Kartseva – Interior Designer
Lorenzo Cardile – 3D Artist
Beniamino Valentini – Animator
Bo Zhang – 3D Artist Intern
Alessandro Carpentiero – Musician and Composer
Andrea Peduzzi – PR

Now let me conclude saying that the game is far away to be a GTA5 or a colossal, but is funny to play and we tryed to do our best to include dynamic 3D stuff on mobile devices. In fact the game behave differently accordingly to the time of the day in which you play it. Every 12 hours the system gives you 50 scratches to use and you can extend the game experience with mini games.

Graffiette from Kitty Scratch 2

Kitty Scratch 2 – Episode 1 is the first of 3 episodes and the remaining will be released from now to January/February. To discover more please follow the links below and enjoy! :)

appstore  facebook  linkedin  playsys

Last but not least: Please note that PlaySys don’t support any kind of violence. During the development of this game no furniture was damaged or injured. This game is also for kids.

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