mercoledì 25 dicembre 2013

Passion for teaching

There are two things that really satisfacts my work as teacher:
  1. Seeing how my students approach to work, applying the knowledge I transmitted
  2. Receiving the students’ anonymous satisfaction report (compiled through school’s website)
In 2011 and 2012 the eveluation was high and the feedback was positive; always over the course average, but this year…well this year the report is simply amazing and made my holidays!
Luca Deriu lectures' report at SPD
As first I got a 4.72 points on 5 that means 94.4% as satisfaction over an academic average of 3.70 (in percentage the Master’s average is 74%, so it means I got 127.57% on total).
So numerically speaking my students satisfaction is 94.4% and mine, of course is even higher! :) But if I obtained so high score is because I followed the previous years suggestions and student’s reports: “more focus on some subjects”, “less on others”, and so on…my main thanks goes to whom attended SPD during 2011 and 2012! Also I would like to mention that this feedback report, organised by SPD’s Coordinamento, is wery usefull practice, that unfortunally is not applied in other schools where I teach such as NABA and Domus Academy.
More in dept, this year I used a new technique for my course about 3dsMax and V-Ray that I like to define “deconstructivism in 3d renders and CGI”. How it works is simple: I took my lectures and my topics I wrote in books and I simply reversed them :)
I’m not talking about meanings, but about chronological order of given informations. In fact classes are diffrent from books, articles, slides or video training, and they must be treated as they are: different media for learning. In my knowledge, is really simple to understand what a render is and how is done, but being a student, the approach can be totally different, sometime opposed, and here is the keyword of my teaching model: “opposed” to the standards.
Luca Deriu lectures' report at SPD
In the report are also present some anonymous comments that I’ll copy paste here with great pleasure and satisfaction.
  • i would prefer to have slides or tutorial with the explanation of the class as it happens in rhino classes
  • he is really amazing !
  • I enjoy Mr Lucas class a lot and his classes are really helpful for me to get a grasp of 3d max as I couldnt be this clear with concepts earlier in my profession.
  • The teacher should expain step by step what he does first for us to have time to see what to do. Just a little slower or more details on the first time we see a way to do something would be nice. May be we’ll have less questions.
  • nice teacher, very helpful, very useful and very understanding. my favourite teacher so far.
  • really good and fun teacher
  • He has great knowledge, very interesting and helpful course!
  • He explain very good and it easy to understand him
  • very helpful and nice teacher. In such a small period he taught us a lot. He explains everything very well. pleasure to work with him.
  • Best teacher! very good class.
  • A loely guy though perhapsa little quiet at times. I would perhaps prefer to have mor eone on one time in order ot develop
  • the most attentive prof. great asset for this university
  • Professor Deriu knows 3Ds Max and transfers his knowledge to his best ability. He is the other professor that I believe executes his lessons the way that they’re supposed to be and he is always there to lend a hand if in need.
  • it would probably be beneficial to divide the class into 2 so that the people who are less advance dont struggle behind and those with a bit more knowledge dont get bored. although i think you are very knowledgeable.
With this happy mood I wish you Merry Christmas!

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