lunedì 1 marzo 2010

My second book

Yes, it's official!
I'm writing a new book that deeply explains all the steps behind the making of a videogame. As technical figure, I will concentrate on technical aspects like pipeline and workflow management, plugins and software production, research and development impact, commercial 3D packages Vs custom one, game engine and other interesting subjects.

For thoose who doesn't know, I just wrote a book about 3ds Max Design and Architecture, in wich I explain in 400 pages all the tricks behind offline rendering. HERE is the link of the pubblisher and HERE is a post about it.

My ISBN codes
ISBN-13 9788820341558
ISBN 8820341557

2 commenti:

enigma ha detto...

Ottima notizia, sono molto curioso verso questa cosa! Attendo progressi e ovviamente il libro.
Sarà in inglese?

D3v ha detto...

:) Sicuramente in italiano la prima versione poi, dipendentemente dall'editore, si vedrà se farlo in inglese.