lunedì 12 aprile 2010

Advertising of my book...and completely free! :D

Today, for the first time, I found for 3 times my book inside some AdWords around the web.

It is a really nice fact, expecially after receiving the statsistics about the quantity that Hoepli, the publisher, sold in the last year. Well, sincerely I espected a little more as quantity, but speacking with friends I realized that my quantity is really good...expecially because they still have to pay me! :)

The other nice thing is that I don't have to pay for theese advertising: someone created the interactive swf, opened the AdWords account, decided the CPC and other stuff there inside and off course pays for them. I'd like to know who is doing this work for me, I know he/she is paid for that but I'd like to say "thanks, your work is really apreciated!"

And thanks to all the people that bought my book, I sincerely hope it helped you! (and please don't be angry with me if the latest pages are detaching, I don't know who printed it, and my copy is detached too :( ).

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