venerdì 2 aprile 2010

Taxes and public services

Yesterday I went to police station to officially declare that someone stole some of our graphics during Cartoomics - Ludica event. They say that will have the security camera recordings and that will try to find who could took out such graphics without being seen.

It was quite funny how they work inside the police station:
The first thing I noticed is how much time they spend to do things, i mean, every task looks like it is really difficult, like moving a mountain. Some of them have great difficulties to write in italian language. My declaration, for example, has lot of mistakes like verbs, plural words and so on. In 20 lines there are 15 errors: more than 1 every 2 lines!! it’s amazing!
The second thing I noticed is how depressing, broken and ugly their offices are. They use really old computers with small and unlit monitors. There is a bad smell inside the rooms, the tables are broken with really old chairs. Sometime you risk to hit a cable on the floor and window are funny broken. I think office’s interior reflect what’s in workers mind and the quality of service.
The other “funny” thing is how many tentatives they did to bounce citizens. To enter in the police station you have to pass a strong “examination” and you must answer correctly (+ you must have a bit of luck).

I remember when last year someone stole my motorbike, I went to the police station and they ordered me to come back there the next day because they were bored about working. I had to explain that I wanted to declare someone took my motorbike and they replyed that was not important, similar things happens continuously and I would have not to care about it. WTF, is this the pubblic service we pay taxes for?!
I finally went able to enter saying that who took my motorbike could rob somewhere and I would be considered guilty.

I really hope things will change in future, and our system will start to work as it should do. We spend lot of money in taxes, in future maybe we can have a proper service.



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