giovedì 1 aprile 2010

Youtube and TEXTp

Today Youtube launched a new way to watch movies: TEXTp or "text-only mode".
Practically speaking the new encoding system substitutes group of pixels with coloured letters. Almost everyone of us has seen pictures or paintings created using ASCII code. The idea behind TEXTp is similar: ASCII art in movement. What to say, it's a genial system to rapresent images in a new way, expecially in a world in which we are using fullHD resolutions with refresh rate that touch the 600 Hz for everything!

And now, some examples, they are better than thousand words
Original video
TEXTp video

This technology gives to Youtube the possibility to save 1 $ per second in system maintenance!
For more information read this official post and give a look at the logo on Youtube's page.

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