lunedì 12 aprile 2010

PLAYSYS | 2 new Portfolios

Today Pamela finished collecting materials for our two new portfolios that resumes our best works done in this last period. We decided to split 'em in three parts: 3D, Publishing and Development.

The first, available HERE contains some of our 3D render. We worked for some customers, with different software, renderers and workflows and hope you appreciate the results we obtained.
The second, available HERE contains pictures of our publishing works. The pictures are not complete because we are continuously publishing material and some works are not yet printed or available on the market.
The third will be probably ready tomorrow, and will contain our own software, our plugins and our technologies. In fact, sometime, we develop our own tools instead spending/wasting time looking for something that can help us.

If you like our works, please speack about them with your friends, colleagues and the people you think would be interested in our service...maybe you can get some reward in change if things go right ;)

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