lunedì 10 settembre 2012

SISU Render 1.0 for VRay

Finally SISU render reached version 1.0! after some months of development in free time. I am proud to annunce that it is stable and fully compatible with Vray, Mental ray and iRay in 3ds Max 2013.


SISU Render is my plugin for 3ds Max that amazingly speeds up the render speed improving and fine tuning your settings. For Vray you just need 2 mouse clicks to setup your scene, dramatically increasing quality and render speed. SISU Render automatically detects your scene settings and your hardware to better balance power and physical resources. In mental Ray you can define advanced settings simply tweaking 5 buttons. There is also the support for animation in iRay. I had an idea on a new feature for this animation support that will define automatically the best settings for the scene accordingly to the render passes, I will code this in the following releases.


Be prepared to see SISU Render in action with LightView and CamRig, my next plugins actually in (slow) development.

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