lunedì 25 novembre 2013

My solo project–Nihilistista

I just finished the instrumental part of my next album: Nihilistista – Back To Origins.
In the past I published different titles as drummer with bands like The Five Stars Luxury, Mind Phaser, Rim Shots, Complesso Mentale and experimental solo projects like Silence Please, Blurred Reality, Be Happy, it’s Gray, The joy of life, WronGrown, Nothing Inside and Musique Pour Iannis Xenakis.

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This time the challange was to mix together the previous experiences: death metal drums in a solo project.
The main concept of Nihilistista – Back To Origins is an album composed and performed by me, with the style I had in the past.
The album will be released in the next months, with a vocal line as completion of the product. In the meanwhile you can listen the base track on my SoundCloud account here.


I’m very happy about this new release, also because I’m receiving many messages and fb contacts, asking me what will be next, and suggesting me new, interesting cooperations.
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