venerdì 4 giugno 2010

PlaySys | iPhone Development

We released our new commercial App for iPhone, specifically developed for a customer that increased the satisfaction of his customers. The App is simple and I’m not here to talk about it’s obvious and specific features. The important thing is that this App certifies us as mobile developers, not only specialized in mobile websites but in App too.

PlaySys App for iPhone

We already developed applications for Windows platforms like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Seven and Windows Mobile (plus two projects for Microsoft Xbox360).

I’m really proud to announce this new area of PlaySys, in which we can develop specific applications for various kind of customers:
Even if you are a mechanic, an engineer, a nurse, a housewife, a student, a pilot or whatever, PlaySys can develop the application that suits perfectly to your business (or life style).

Contact us for more information at info[at]playsys[dot]it or visit our website

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