lunedì 7 giugno 2010

P.UV.E. - A simple script

There are really complex and really useful scripts, like TexTools, SolidRocks, RappaTools, SnowFlow, Batch Camera Render and lot other, and there are sometime simple scripts that can do a single operation, apparently stupid, in short time.

This is the case of P.UV.E. a simple/stupid 200 kb script I wrote yesterday and that let me save lot of time (or at least, lot of click).

The script simply extract a 2048x2048 UV texture from a selected object, it does nothing more and nothing less. It’s force is in the simplicity and in the quick accessibility. It is fired from a button on my UI and permits me to save an UV in 1 click respect the traditional method that requires 7 clicks. You can say that I’m lazy, and sometime it’s right, but when I have to manage about 250 UV per day, this become a useful thing.
probably this is one of the most stupid thing I developed in the latest months, but I think I’ll use it more than other things I did in the past(except DMRB) :)

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