martedì 20 marzo 2012

My new 3ds Max Tool::Sisu Render

I have almost finished my new script for Autodesk 3ds Max, its name is Sisu Render.
Sisu is a tool for tenacious people that have to fix a thousand parameters inside VRay everyday .

Sisu render is the “one button” solution that improves your render quality, your speed, the balance of the hardawre resources and your productivity.


I got the idea of this tool wile I was coming back home, after some amazing days spent with a special person in Jyvaskyla, Finland.
There, Sisu is a common word that expresses the moral will and the soul strength in everyday difficult actions…I thought the name, Sisu Render, was somehow perfect for this new tool :)

here are some screens of the tool in action, I still have to fix and refine some functionality but the biggest part of the work has been done.


The image on the left has a crappy quality but it was obtained in just 8 seconds! The usage of the hardware resources was with Low optimization, a kind of “no mercy” mode.
The image on the right was obtained in 13 seconds, same quality as the one on the left but High optimization. Notice the difference on the Tree Nodes Faces and Leaves. You can imagine in heavy scenes rendered by a old hardare how the adaptiveness of the resource usage is important.


The same system adaptiveness but with Medium quality. In this example the hardware optimization changes drastically the render time. The non optimized required 2 minutes, the one with high optimization required 6 minutes; 4 minutes more to protect the hardware usage! (mean 4 minutes less squeezing the hardware capabilities!).


I also rendered an image using the Best configuration available in Sisu Render, as predictable the quality has no comparisons but the render time is much longer.

Actually Sisu Render offers other optimizations in camera management and light management. I will post some example when the tool will be 101% stable.

3D scene provided by lucaderiublog.blogspot.com_cgtuts

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