giovedì 12 aprile 2012

Modeling and texturing 3D spaceship for Mobile Game

After a year from its recording I've decided to release entirely for free my video tutorial about Modeling and Texturing of a 3D spaceship for Mobile Games. For this special purpose I've recorded some new chapters, explaining the difference between a standard DX9 and DX11 shader and a mobile shader.
The course is based on the spaceship I realized for SFEI in addition to the material I designed in UDK and explained at the View Conference (3D Again wrote an article about it).
At the moment I'm working as a university teacher in the 3 biggest design universities in Milano (Domus AcademyScuola Politecnica di DesignNABA) and this videotraining is a proof of all the passion I put in the instruction.
Please note that the entire video training is without music and voice, first of all for your pleasure (no annoying soundtracks) and second because I don’t have time to dub it entirely. In fact I always dub all my videotraining materials (like I did for 3Digital Lab’s Autodesk 3ds Max course and Chaos Group VRay course) and this allows me to gain the maximum quality but in this case…well, it’s free and it’s up to 5 hours of free training ;)
PS: please note our new YouTube channel. A big “thanks” goes to that f*#§*/g stupid that hacked our previous one. We spent years to construct and improve it and now it's not accessible anymore . This is a good reason to improve us and manage a new channel that will be much better than the previous. Also “thanks” to Google support: “no support. Open a new one, it’s free”.

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